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25 Nisan 2016, 14:31:01

Çevrimdışı EfekanCandan

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Hello Everyone,  Anyone with the ability to repurchase must do so by exchanging your USD balance to repurchase credit packs or advertising products. For those of you over 1000 USD credit packs, you can withdraw your USD. This will remain in effect indefinitely.  VX withdrawal limit has temporarily been limited in USD to $5000 monthly for all USD VX accounts, therefore MAP has applied the same limits temporarily. This is due to the reserve limits being held by the banks VX deal with because of our switching currencies. In other words, the banks are not releasing large majorities of our funds until their risk has been mitigated.  Euro balances will be available for withdrawal shortly as those funds become available. Euro funds are not held for nearly as long as USD so we don't anticipate any disruptions with these WD's once we turn them on.  As always, thank you for your patience!   MyAdvertisingPays   

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